Privacy policy
as of 31 January 2024


The operator of (this website), Adrian De Lon, does not collect or process any of your personal data. By accessing the site you are sending HTTP requests to the hosting provider for this website. The hosting provider logs your HTTP requests on grounds of legitimate interest (see below).

Third-party websites, social media, email servers, and chat servers

This privacy policy applies only to this website. Some pages on this website contain links to third-party websites, on which the respective privacy policy of the third party applies. If you contact me through social media, email, or chat, the respective privacy policies of the social media service, email server, or chat server apply.


This website consists of static content only and is hosted by GitHub via GitHub Pages. All of its contents are prefabricated and kept on the server of the hosting provider.

When you access a page on this website, you send an HTTP request to the hosting provider. Your HTTP requests typically include your IP address, the URL of the page you want to access, the URL of your current page (the referrer), and the user agent string of your web browser, which usually contains information about your operating system and your web browser. These HTTP requests are a technical requirement for your web browser to load the pages that you want to access.

The exact data you send to the hosting provider depends on a variety of factors, such as your web browser, your device, and your network, as well as their respective configurations. Your web browser may redact some of this information by default or may be configured to do so. For instance, Firefox trims the referrer to just the domain by default since March 2021 and can be configured to not send referrer information at all.

As a hosting provider, GitHub keeps logs of your HTTP requests together with basic metadata (such as timestamps) on grounds of legitimate interest (within the meaning of Art. 6 GDPR), such as monitoring their infrastructure for hardware and software problems, detecting misconfigured bots, and mitigating denial of service attacks or other malicious behaviour. GitHub is a company based in the United States of America and their address is as follows.

GitHub Inc
88 Colin P Kelly Jr St
San Francisco, CA 94107
United States

This is the recipient of your personal data. Using GitHub as a hosting provider corresponds to the website operator’s legitimate interest (within the meaning of Art. 6 GDPR) in not having to maintain a server.

For more details, including information on how to request deletion of your personal data, please refer to GitHub’s documentation on GitHub Pages and GitHub’s privacy policy.

You have the right to object to the processing of your data by the hosting provider. The processing of your data specified in this section is neither legally nor contractually required. The functionality of the website is not guaranteed without the processing.

Analytics and tracking

The website operator does not collect or process any of your personal data. The operator of this website does not have access to HTTP request logs of the hosting provider. This website does not use HTTP cookies, entity tags, or tracking scripts. The hosting provider may provide some form of anonymized statistics. Such data is not stored by the website operator and is not combined or correlated with other data.


I welcome all feedback that helps me improve my website. I won’t post your name or quote your messages verbatim on this website without your express consent.